Who are we? 我們是誰

Living Seas Hong Kong is a diverse group of Hong Kong residents, who all share a love and concern for the underwater world, some from a professional point of view, and some just because they are fascinated with the beauty and the diversity of marine life.

The core members of Living Seas Hong Kong are:

David O’Dwyer

Dod fell in love with the seas at a young age and was able to move from a keen snorkler to a scuba diver back in 1991, this added another dimension to his appreciation of the seas and he took another three years to become a PADI Scuba Instructor. Stints working as an instructor in the Philippines and in Hong Kong expanded his knowledge and appreciation of the underwater world and with it came a strong desire to raise the awareness of the predicament of marine life globally.

Dod is currently leading Living Seas Hong Kong (勃勃海洋) and really hopes that the group will be successful in making some positive changes to aid in the restoration and conservation of biodiversity of Hong Kong’s marine life and to raise the awareness of the serious issues that are faced in Hong Kong’s waters.


Jeffrey Lee

After 20 years in the actuarial / employee benefits industry, Jeffrey decided to take the plunge and got his scuba diving license on a holiday trip to Australia in 2005. For the next few years, he painstakingly tried to squeeze in some local snorkelling or overseas dive trip amidst his 70-80 hour work weeks, as well as continue with his diver education. In the meantime, he has learned about the beauty and challenges faced by Hong Kong’s underwater world.

As one of the founding members of Living Seas Hong Kong (勃勃海洋) in 2007, he has been appalled by the lack of official policy to sustain Hong Kong’s marine environment, as well as the general lack of public awareness in the matter. Since he became a scuba diving instructor in 2008 he has devoted much more time and spirit to this end.


Eric Sampson

At the age of around 10 Eric discovered the ocean world thanks to the books and movies of Jacques Cousteau, and at about the same time began to experience the real thing while diving and fishing in the then bountiful waters around Hong Kong. Moving in the late 70’s to the clean and green of New Zealand further developed my love of fishing, diving and exploring the ocean world.

Eric’s passion for the ocean and the marine environment are unabated and my goal is to return Hong Kong’s unique marine ecosystem to the way it once was.


Janet Summer (Chan)

Janet started diving at a very young age inspired by her diving instructor Dad. She is a dive master since the age of 18, the youngest female dive master at that time. According to Janet’s dad, she could swim before she could ever walk! After spending a decade in Australia, Janet realized it is time for her to do something for her home country. She returned in 2009 and joined Living Seas Hong Kong. Apart from her full time finance job, she co-ordinates PADI Scuba Diving classes as well takes Hong Kongers on guided tours to Hong Kong Marine Parks. Janet is a AFCD Marine Park Ambassador.

Janet has become a proficient underwater photographer and has taken numerous great underwater photos of Hong Kong marine life.

Jimmy Lo

Jarvis Lee

Kay Kong