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World Oceans day event : beach and underwater cleanup

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To celebrate World Oceans Day 2014, Living Seas Hong Kong is organising a beach and underwater cleanup at our “adopted beach”  Bayside Beach, Clearwater Bay.   Bayside is a nice, small bay, with good coral coverage but does suffer from construction waste, and other general refuse.  We want to try to help the coral community here to thrive.

Last year we organised two events at this location, one for World Oceans Day 8th June 2013 and the other for International Coastal Cleanup.  Divers worked to clean underwater and folk were working to clear the beach of trash.

Anyone is welcome to come along, register and find more details on our Facebook Page.  Facebook Page  or please send an email via “Contact us” on this website.

Photos from last years World Oceans Day event.

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